Glossolepis multisquamata

Glossolepis multisquamata is currently found in lakes, slow-flowing streams and backwaters of the Mamberamo river system in West Papua.

They were originally collected from the Idenburg River (= Taritatu River) in the Mamberamo region by the Dutch zoologist and explorer W. C. van Heurn in 1920.

They were also collected from the Doorman River, a major tributary of the Taritatu.

The Mamberamo region is not well-studied but possesses a wealth of biodiversity. The first scientific fish collections from the Mamberamo were made by van Heurn in 1920-21.

These collections were mainly described by Weber and de Beaufort (1911-1962).

There have been some other expeditions; 1938-1939 (Archbold expedition) and Gerald Allen did some surveys in this area. Several locations within the Mamberamo catchment, including Danau Biru, Obogwi, Faui, Kordesi, Dabra, Nevere, and Senggi were surveyed by Gerald Allen between 1982 and 1991.

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