Something Yellow at Bridge Creek

On a recent field trip with a group of ANGFA friends north of Cooktown on the McIvor River Road, we pulled over at the first water crossing, Bridge Creek to have a look.

The stream ran crystal clear and shallow, with a fine gravel bottom approximate depth 1 meter and 4 to 5 meters wide, winding its way through lightly timbered bush on one side of the road and a more dense rainforest environment on the other side.

On first viewing the sight we could see a number of large to medium rainbows darting around.

This immediately got the blood racing, so nets were hurriedly pulled from our 4X4’s, on first observation they were obviously Splendida and showing a beautiful yellow gold in the fins and body as can be seen in the photo tank below. But the real surprise came once we got them home, and settled in.

One large male, in particular, showed a very pointy Trifasciata type head and they all had a beautiful pink-red edge to the fins with bright yellow strips running through the body and a purple sheen in the lower half.

It is very possible these fish contain some Trifasciata DNA as the next small stream does contain McIvor River- type Tri’s and eventually does run into the McIvor River through Bridge Creek, takes a different route and appears to connect with the Normandy drainage system.

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